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Our Story


Rinjani Bay

With an eye for the extraordinary and an acumen for nurturing sustainable growth, the owners of Rinjani Bay first set foot on this magical island in 2012. They were immediately captivated by Sumbawa’s irresistible raw beauty, the warmth of its people and Rinjani Bay’s idyllic location – here was one of nature’s last unspoilt paradises. Their vision: to bring the authentic wildness to the discerning traveller, and in doing so, empower the local communities to thrive; protecting their heritage and promoting their prosperity.

Rinjani Bay’s perfect natural amphitheatre shape heralded a place of privacy and expansive personal spaces, whilst also fostering a sense of community. A thoughtful and intuitively designed masterplan was created for a hospitality and residence development featuring a 25-key resort and 36 land plots.


Track Record

By the time Rinjani Bay master-planning and design started in 2019, the parent company, Rascal Republic, had under its belt the highly successful launches of Samara Lombok, a hospitality and residence destination by the south coast of Lombok; and Rascal Voyages, a luxury private yacht charter, offering off-grid land and sea adventures throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.

Rascal Voyages is about freedom to explore and discover – the unspoilt, the authentic, and very often the inaccessible — and to connect with the amazing places, people, and experiences out there on your own tailor-made off-grid cruise. We’ve distilled the very best that Indonesia has to offer, and we take you there in luxury and in style, every step of the way.

Samara Lombok is designed for pioneering travellers who want an elevated experience – the very best of barefoot luxury at the heart of nature’s playground, protecting and benefiting the environment and local culture. Every aspect of life at Samara Lombok is underpinned by sustainable, considered design. Blending leading-edge technology with the wisdom of local, time-worn practices, we are cultivating long-term initiatives to sustain us for generations to come. These include organic farming, farm-to-table cuisine, solar power, and on-site desalination to name a few.